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ALOHA! My name is Fabian, and I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am that you have taken the time to view my website. I love getting to meet new people and having new people visit my website, it allows me the opportunity to describe the Change-iz Fitness philosophy and the foundation it is built on.  I hope your time spent here is pleasant and it's an encouragement for you to choose to train with me.  


                                                           Mahalo for stopping by! 

                                                            I look forward to training with you.


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I am passionate about life in general. I believe life is supposed to be lived to the fullest, and whatever it is you believe in and your heart yearns for you should devote an immense amount of time to make sure it’s lived. The passion I have for life is the same passion I have for fitness. Some people say life isn’t all about dumbbells, barbells and vegetables, but for me, there’s no greater feeling than getting lost in an intense workout. In that moment the world and everything it in disappears, and I leave each workout feeling refresh and ready for anything.


One thing that’s consistent throughout our day or our lives is we all experience some form of hardship, setbacks or illnesses. And in those moments we can definitely use an outlet. Something that uplifts us and gives us the strength we need mentally, emotionally and physically to rise up and overcome the obstacles of life. I know fitness can do and be that for you, because it has certainly been that for me. 


In 2009 after I recovered from depression and a suicide attempt, I found happiness and fulfillment in fitness. I later made the decision to earn a personal training and nutrition certification from the American Council on Exercise as a result of the commitment I made to help others who needs an outlet, an anchor or just simply seeking to live a healthier life. 



"Fabian is one of the most hard working motivating people I know. He not only brings character and heart to all he does, he also instills these things in the people he works with. He is a man of strength and passion, and anyone lucky enough of work with him should count it as a blessing."

/  trusted Colleague - Antonio Bonnetty  /



Everyone has a story. Here's mine. 

The reason why fitness is therapy for me. Every session is therapy, a therapy session.

I've always been a strong person. The person that everyone asks for advice, even people twice my age would rely on me. It didn’t bother me at all. Hell, I loved it! I loved the challenge of new tasks, new missions. I saw it as a way to explore new things and a new life. Most importantly, I loved helping people, it didn’t mattered who, and I still do. I say that to say this. At this stage in my life, in late 2010 I fell into a hole so dark and deep I didn’t even realized it until I was too far down. For four months I lived a closed life. Completely closed from the world. Outside of showing up to work, I spent every hour of my day in the guest bedroom of my house. I ate only once or twice a day. On the outside everything looked fine but slowly I was losing it. I was dying inside and was too numb to do anything about it. 


Instead, I thought if I’m no longer around it would be a win-win situation for everyone. My daughter would never have to worry about anything, my life insurance would get her all the way through college and to buying her own house. And for everyone else, they wouldn’t miss me, besides they don’t call or write anyways. And the best thing about it is I WOULD BE FREE!!!

I’ll just fall on my knife. It’ll be quick. Samurai’s do it. It’s honorable. “THAT WAS MY THOUGHT.”

The stage was set and so was my mind...

Twenty minutes later my daughter came in the room, we played around, we played around, she hugged me and walked and it all came crashing down. I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t leave my little girl to figure out life on her own. She will need me, and its apparent I need her too. 

Without a conscious decision somehow the next day I found myself in a gym and time and a little counseling I gained my life back!


"The man, the myth, the legend! A genuine heart and a kind soul.you can’t beat that."

/  Trusted colleague - Mailani Faniel  /